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Penmenship Competition (Oct 2017)

Leadership Training Camp (Jul 2017)

I have learnt team spirit and respect from the camp.  Through the build-a-raft activity, I understood the importance of team work. It was challenging as this was the first time I made a raft. I also needed to work with someone I had just met. Luckily, we communicated well during the process. All of my groupmates were enthusiastic individuals, especially my team leader, who encouraged the whole group when we were tired of making the raft. In the end, we succeeded in building a strong raft which allowed us to sail through the turbulent sea.  It was such an unforgettable experience for me. Not only did I learn a new skill, but also make a lot of new friends.
All in all, the camp helped me to become a school leader. As a school leader, we have to listen to and value schoolmates’ opinions. Through the various activities of the camp, we learnt to share our views with an open mind, and embrace differences. I am confident that with God’s blessings, I could learnt persistently from my teachers and fellow Civic Leaders how to become a real leader of the school.

Nette Kwan 5B


Through the challenging competitions in the training camp, I learnt a lot about cooperation. We had to communicate with each other, such as discussing solutions to different tasks. Every one of us came from different backgrounds and thus we had diverse viewpoints all the time. However, we managed to listen to each other and respect diversity in the treasure hunt. In this activity, we were required to find out all the letters hidden in different places in the campsite. This activity cost us most time and energy. We ran through the whole campsite, discussed the route and possible places where the letters could be found. We all enjoyed such an exciting activity and became closer after it. Although we did not win the competition, we all had a good time and learnt a lot of things. I understood that ‘two brains are always better than one’, and we are all unique individuals with different abilities and talents.  In order to work effectively and efficiently, we have to understand each other well through close communication, and allocate tasks based on the gifts each of us possesses.

Alice Lai 4C

Moral and National Education Team

To match with this year's school theme 'Persistent Learning Abundant Grace', the Moral and National Education Team continues to promote students' understanding of the rights and duties of a citizen, and foster a growing concern for community affairs in raising students' sense of civic awareness, in order to nuture them in becoming a open-minded, caring and visionery leader.