Extra-Curricular Activities
Art Club   Catholic Society
To enhance students' aesthetic appreciation, as well as creative, critical and analytical thinking To support the school in carrying out her mission of Catholic education
Chinese Dance Team   English Drama Club
To foster students' interest in Chinese dancing To give students the exposure to stage life and opportunities to express themselves through drama.
Health Club   HK AYP
To encourage students to live up with healthy lifestyle through interesting activities. To provide an opportunity for members to extend their potentials and challenge themselves for achievement.
Junior Police Call   Library Club
To encourage and improve communication and mutual understanding between the Police and the youths of Hong Kong. To encourage our students to read.
LS Society   Music Society
To widen the horizons of the students to global issues. To arouse students' interest in singing and instrumental playing.
Photography Society   PSHE Learning
To promote the art of photography. To arouse students' interest in PSHE subjects.
Red Cross   Sports Society
To encourage members to serve the community and putting the spirit of humanity in action. To further develop the students' potential.
STEM Club  
To arouse students' interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)