Discipline TEAM


Aims and objectives

1. To encourage students to uphold moral values and to pursue academic studies in accordance with our school motto ‘United in Love’ and the spirit of the Holy Family so that they can lead an enriched life.

2. To foster a refined character and to develop virtues of self-discipline, respect for rules and sense of responsibility in students.

3. To help students to learn the behaviour and norms acceptable to our society and culture.




Ms Katy Kong (Discipline Mistress)

Ms Hilda Chan

Ms Che Kwan Cheung

Ms Leung Yuen-wah

Ms Hilda Tam

Ms Jessica Yuen



Head Girl Gigi Cheng (6C)
Deputy Head Girl Phoebe Cheung (5D)
56 Discipline Prefects S.4 - S.6 Students



Head Girl & Deputy Head Girl

Head Girl (Left) – Gigi Cheng 6C

Deputy Head Girl (Right) – Phoebe Cheung 5D





DP at work


Community Services


Preparation for Caritas Bazaar


Year Plan


Date Activites
Sep 2018 Form Assembly 一般訓導座談會
Sep 2018
Feb 2019
Installation of Prefects 授章儀式
Sep 2018 Discipline Prefects Training 風紀培訓工作坊 I, II
Sep 2018
Feb 2019
Meetings with Class Monitress 班長會議
Nov 2018
Apr 2019
Fire Drill 火警演習
Nov 2018 Talk: Theft 盜竊講座
Nov 2018 Career Talk 警務人員工作經驗分享
Nov 2018 Caritas Bazaar 明愛賣物會
May 2019 Election of Outstanding Discipline Prefects 傑出風紀選舉
Every month Evaluation Meetings with Discipline Prefects 風紀例會