Self-Access Learning Centre

Do you want extra help with your studies? Are you looking for resources for different subjects? Well, this is the place. Our school Self-Access Learning Centre provides you with a wealth of resources that will help you become self-directed learners. So what are you waiting for? Come today and utilize the resources in the SALC!!!

SALC Team:
Language Consultant:  Mr Peter Andrews

Team Head:  Miss Sujata M. Khemlani

Team Members: Miss Fong Lai Yee
                       Miss Cheung Fei-fei
                       Mr Kent Tran

What can I learn in the SALC (Download the ppt. file to know more!)

SALC Award Scheme

Details of the Award Scheme

Self Access Learning Materials:

The following resources can be found in SALM (S:) Drive when logging in with the sals account in SALC/IT Room during Lunch Recess (Monday to Thursday) and After School (Tuesday ONLY).

Resources in the SALC
English Language Reading
Clarity Programmes
  • Tense Buster
  • Active Reading


  • Grammar for S1
  • Grammar for S2
  • Grammar for S3

Past Papers

Past Papers
Chinese & P.T.H. Chinese History


  • mind-map
  • 資源列表
  • 初中學習重點分佈_S1
  • 初中學習重點分佈_S2
  • 初中學習重點分佈_S3
  • Past Papers


    Past Papers
    Mathematics I.S.
    • HFCC S1 Resources
    • HFCC S2 Resources
    • HFCC S3 Resources

      Past Papers

    Resources List