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Ms Wendy Chan

Executive Committee
Name: Winky Yeung
Class: 5C

Name: Kelly Chan
Class: 5C
Name: Tammy Chow
Class: 5A

Liaison Officer
Name: Kelly Yeung
Class: 5A

Publicity Officer
Name: Amber Chung
Class: 4A

General Welfare Officer
Name: Zidana Cheung
Class: 4A

External Officer
Name: Zoe Lam
Class: 5A

Name: Yoyo Li
Class: 5A

Name: Kitty Cen
Class: 5A

Art Director
Name: Venus Chan
Class: 5C

Internal Activities

External Activities

Regular Meeting


Logo Design Competition


Swimming Gala- Cheering Team Competition


Sub-committee recruitment


1st Council Meeting


Internal Talent Quest (solo)(semi-final)


Internal Talent Quest (group)(semi-final)


2nd Council Meeting


Athletics Meet- Cheering Team Competition


Internal Talent Quest (final)


Christmas Celebration + Dress Casual Day

3rd Council Meeting

Teachers’ Day



Joint – school Social Service Project

Inter-house Competition– Fashion Show

4th Council Meeting

4th Council Meeting

Joint- school External Talent Quest

Ready to serve in the following programmes

1.Club Promotion Day
2.P6 Orientation Day
3.Parents’ Day
4.Association AGM
5.Graduation Day
6.Year-end Celebration