Moral and National Education Team


Teacher Advisors:

Mr Frankie Yiu, Mr Warren Yeung, Ms Tiffany Ng, Ms Mavis Chan (Team Coordinator), Ms Tracy Mak, Ms Hilda Chan


Moral and National Education Team aims at developing students' positive values and attitudes in various aspects Learn more...


Moral and National Education Team


To align with this year's school theme ‘Treasuring Our Life, Lifting Up our Mind’, positive education is introduced this year. Character strength survey was conducted in September to let students understand more on their unique character strengths.Class teachers give advices to students during class teacher periods to foster character growth of each students.


In addition, Moral and National Education Team continues to provide more opportunities to enrich students’ ability through proactive involvement in planning and participating in various activities, nurture their moral and character development through different talk and class visits and develop their self-management skills by emphasizing goal setting, communication and self-evaluation.