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Swimming Gala 2019-2020

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Swimming Gala

The annual Swimming Gala was successfully held on 6th October 2019. We were thoroughly grateful that the events ran smoothly with God’s blessings, under the blazing sun which casted glittering ripples in the swimming pool.

Cavorting and gliding in the cool emerald water represents every swimmer’s freedom. As the buzzer beeped, all swimmers showcased the best of their abilities, with a view to breaking their own limits. Our schoolmates’ cheers were never enough to represent our appreciation of their sportsmanship.

“United in love”, our dedicated schoolmates shouted enthusiastic cheers for the swimmers. As always, the Cheering Team shows marked the climax of the Swimming Gala. This year, the four houses, Joy, Harmony, Peace and Praise, converted into dumbo octopus, cyerce nigricans, green moray eel and flying fish. The fancy and aesthetic banners, costumes and props added vivid colours to their performance. It was remarkable to see that when House of Praise received the Cheering Team Championship, not only did the house members shouted with exhilaration, but other houses also congratulated them. Under such a cordial atmosphere, the prize presentation session ended with laughters and euphoric tears. It was everyone’s blood, sweat and tears that made this annual event unforgettable.

The marvellous occasion was rounded up by a speech from our guest of honour, Dr Rosetta Hui. From her experience of getting badly injured at a critical stage, she pointed out two important qualities of being a successful athlete – always challenge ourselves and never quit. Only when an athlete possesses perseverance will he or she succeed, and God is always with us.

May the Lord continue to bless Holy Familians with determination and a positive mindset while overcoming the hurdles ahead.


Phoebe Cheung (5D)


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