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Christmas Liturgy and Celebration 2015

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‘All Glory and Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ’ was the theme of our Christmas Liturgy and Celebration this year. Despite the December chill, the campus was permeated with warmth as we welcomed Jesus into our lives with our prayerful hearts.

The liturgy began with a mini-drama by the Catholic Society, in which a little girl wondered how life would become without the constraints imposed by her parents. Through serendipitous encounters, she gained an epiphany about how lucky she was to be blessed with a loving family. In uniting with her parents, she put her realization into action, thus becoming an envoy of joy, peace and hope.

The Students’ Association celebrated Christmas with us through a story revolving around a girl who travelled through time from the present world to the 1980s. During her adventures, she came upon performances from our Rope-skipping Team, Taekwando Team, School Choir and School Orchestra, where she found the elements of Unity, Courage, Trust and Faith that brought her back to 2015. The joyous festive atmosphere came to life with lucky draw and sharing of Christmas candies.

May our good Lord continue to bless us, inspire good deeds in us, and help us bear in mind that everything bestowed on us comes from the birth of Jesus Christ.

Tiffany Chan (5A) & Renee Wan (5A)


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The Convent Chapel in HK
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