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Treasuring our Life   Lifting Up our Mind
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Opening Mass 2021-2022


Opening Mass 2021-2022

To celebrate the outset of this academic year, the School Opening Mass was held on 15 September 2021. While the Mass was presided by Rev. Fr. Joseph Chan, the Holy Familians were united in hymns and prayers.

Echoing our school theme this year, Treasuring our Life Lifting Up our Mind, Fr. Joseph reminded us the importance of enduring torment. He illustrated this by raising an example. According to him, babies learn how to walk via trial and error. Of paramount importance should we evaluate ourselves after making mistakes. Such kinds of valuable attitude can pave the way to success.

At the same time, he also explained how we can treasure and explore our lives. We should always follow the words and actions of Jesus. Not only should we be thankful for the joyful moments, but we should also accept the gloomy ones. If we are willing to embrace the adversities, we can become stronger than before.

May our students stay optimistic in this academic year.

Charlotte Leung (5C)


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