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Famine Lunch 2017 - 2018

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With God's blessing and the effort of Catholic Society members, the Famine Lunch was successfully held on 7 March 2018. It was a thought-provoking programme in which participants contributed their lunch money and received a bun of bread with a box of drink for lunch. This meaningful Lenten activity unequivocally helped participants to have self-reflection and develop empathy. There were over 600 students participating in the Famine Lunch this year and each of them donated thirty dollars. The total proceeds amounted to $33000 and was donated to the Good Shepherd Renewal Ministry (善牧助更生協會). This non-profit organization in Hong Kong aims at lending a helping hand to the persons in custody and the rehabilitated persons, for encouraging them to face themselves and to mend their relationship with family and the society in order to have a better life values.

Mr Alex Chang, the Chief Executive of the Good Shepherd Renewal Ministry, reminded us by sharing his personal experiences. He believed that all individuals had the right to choose their own path. However, once they committed mistakes, they had the responsibilities to bear the consequences. Undoubtedly, a 'big mistake' could ruin one's future, and thus people should consider carefully before making a decision. When being asked what people could do when they had chosen the wrong way, Mr Cheung replied grabbing the opportunity to repent and reflect was of utmost importance. They could pray to God for strengthening themselves, as well as taking the courage to change their lives.

In addition, Mr Chang said that we, the general Hong Kong citizens, should help the rehabilitated persons by accepting them and giving them chances to repent. We should not discriminate them and deprive them from having a normal life as they could also display their talents to contribute to our society.

Although students did not have a full meal, they had a strong sense of fulfillment as they truly understood the meaning of this activity. "I accept rehabilitated persons and I am willing to help. As everyone will make a mistake and if one day I have made a mistake, I would hope to have others' forgiveness and care. This is my motivation to restart my life," said a Secondary 5 student sympathetically.

The Famine Lunch came to a close with the presentation of prizes. S1C and S1D got the "Good Samaritan Award" for their meritorious performance of having collected the greatest donation while the "United in Love Award" went to S1A, S1B, S1C, S1D, S2A, S2B, S2C, S2D, S3B, S3C, S4A, S4B, S4C, S4D, S5A, S5B, S5C and S5D for their full participation in this blessed and significant activity.

Alice Lai & Zita Choi (4C)


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