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Graduation Day 2016

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“Faithfulness is the best way to attract God’s blessings on us.”

The Graduation Day on 25 June 2016 marked a gracious end to our secondary school life. As we were about to embark on a new chapter of life, we promised to uphold our faith through prayers. Through her school report, our Principal, Mrs Lucilla Yip, led us in expressing our gratitude towards our Lord for granting us another year of bountiful harvest, in which our schoolmates’ endeavours in academic pursuits and other areas continued to bear fruits.

The highlight of the ceremony was the address given by our guest of honour, Dr Eliza Cheung Yee Lai, Clinical Psychologist for the Hong Kong Red Cross, who was also an alumna of our school. She inspired us with her experience in helping people who suffer from traumatic experiences. On top of that, she emphasised the importance of finding one’s passion, and how one should be diligent and persistent in pursuing it. Our Head Girl, Anita Leung, expressed our thankfulness towards Mrs Yip and our Vice-principal Mrs Fung on behalf of all graduates, for their selfless devotion to the school over the years. They have always been loving and caring, and encouraged us to unleash our potential. It was indeed a warm and touching moment when there was a standing ovation to bid farewell to Mrs Yip and Mrs Fung for their retirement.

The ceremony ended with an elegant dance performed by the Chinese Dance Team, as well as the melodious joint performance of the School Choir and the School Orchestra. The dancers portrayed the Tibetans’ faith and hope for life while the song demonstrated the joy and praise dedicated to our Holy God. Filled with the Holy Family spirit, we are ready to embark on a new journey with renewed faith. May God continue to empower us as we spread peace, joy, praise and harmony to others in our walk with Him!

6A Grace Yiu


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The Convent Chapel in HK
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