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Christmas Liturgy 2021


Christmas Liturgy 2021

“Walking in adversities” was the theme of the Christmas Liturgy and Celebration this year. The Catholic Society kicked off the ceremony by an inspirational drama, in which different scenes were linked by a multitude of prayers, hymns, and gospel readings.

In recent years, our world has been engulfed by hopelessness and desperation. Nonetheless, never should we forget that the birth of Jesus Christ gives us hope and courage. The story began with a rebellious girl who quarreled with her parents. Not realizing her wrongdoings, she felt extremely frustrated. Luckily, her cousin straightened her out. Being inspired by her cousin, she grew to realise that she also had the ability to bring hope to the people in need. Thus, not only did she help the students being bullied, but she also took part in voluntary work. Though she could not put a halt to all difficult situations, her positive mindset was contagious as it encouraged the people around her to face their adversities courageously.

Throughout the entire play, some pre-recorded interview videos were played. Several teachers shared how they overcame difficulties and brought hope to the people around them. Such kinds of positive messages echoed the main theme of the ceremony.

“Christ’s light shines in darkness and darkness could not overpower it.” (John 1:5)


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