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S6 Thanksgiving Mass

May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You

Presided over by Father Philip Chan Tak Hung, the S6 Thanksgiving Mass brimmed with tears but also with loving care and good wishes from students and teachers. United in Love, we entreated the Lord to grant our S6 schoolmates courage, perseverance and serenity to overcome the challenges ahead.

The Catholic Choir delivered our best wishes to our S6 schoolmates and praises to the loving Lord through hymns. Through the hymn May The Good Lord Bless and Keep You, we wished them strength to overcome obstacles and Pass It On, which symbolized the inheritance of the spirit of HFCC from senior schoolmates to the young ones.

Grace was the gift God poured upon our S6 schoolmates. In return, our S6 schoolmates dedicated their meticulous hand-made gifts to God, thanking him for his abundant blessings. A Boat carrying paper cranes that were eager to flap their wings, lucky stars picked from the sky, origami rose blossoms with blessings in a woven basket and black horse silhouette decorated with drops of memory were the gifts that touched our hearts. Would the cranes fly the distance? Would the stars shine brighter than the sun? It is anybody’s guess. Nonetheless, when our S6 schoolmates became emotional the whole hall was moved to tears, when we finally understood that once a Holy Familian, forever a Holy Familian. Hand in hand, we are not afraid; following the footsteps of our Lord, we will never ever get lost. We don’t know who holds tomorrow, but we know who holds our hands.

The Catholic Choir asked the Lord to bless the graduates’ journeys with the song "May your heart be filled with music." We hope that our S6 schoolmates will not forget the power of music. Most importantly, we have faith that they will all be in God’s love flying yonder to the end of the wind, after leaving their Alma Mater.

Monica Wat (3C) and Natalie Law (2D)


The Emblem of the Congregation
The Convent Chapel in HK
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