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Foundress Day 2016

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“Let us try to work with all our heart for the good of souls and for the Glory of God.”

- St. Magdalene of Canossa 

On 6 May, we were delighted to have Sr. Catherine Fung from the Canossian Daughters of Charity as our guest speaker for our annual celebration of Foundress Day. Together with the lively drama performance by the Catholic Society, students and teachers were invited to ponder upon their faith and the meaning of life.

The childhood of our Foundress was marked by the loss of a beloved father, the departure of her widowed mother and the life-threatening illness she experienced as a teenager. Yet, all these seemingly torturous events only reinforced her determination to serve the needy by dedicating her life to God. Known as the Daughter of Charity and the Servant of the Poor, she devoted her time in charity services, especially to those who were abandoned or those with broken souls.

In 1808, our Foundress established the Canossian Daughters of Charity in Verona to help young orphan girls. Her relentless zeal urged her to set up the Canossian Sons of Charity in offering education to young boys 20 years later. In Sr. Catherine’s view, key to our Foundress’ success was her open-mindedness and unending faith. These are the essential qualities that we should learn from her – which echo to our school theme this year – ‘Open Mind, Faithful Heart’.

‘Life is not a destination, but a journey’. Sr. Catherine encouraged us with this inspirational final remark. Let us not forget the essence of courage and passion in our life pursuits. Our dreams are possible as Jesus Christ always walks with us!

By Mona Lau (4C) & Natalie Fung (4D)


The Emblem of the Congregation
The Convent Chapel in HK
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