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Annual Athletics Meet 2016

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The Annual Athletics Meet was held on the 2nd November 2016 at the Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground.  The buzzer started off the thrilling competition. The track was filled with frantic activity, showing off the contestants’ fortitude and determination.

Despite the scorching weather, the Holy Familians outdid themselves.  They did not falter, but overcame all hurdles valiantly did not suspect their abilities, but jumped confidently to reach the farthest distance; did not fear losing, but strove for their best in every event.

Some of our schoolmates smashed records. Kristen Lee completed the 100m race in 14.29 seconds, and Queenie Lin achieved the remarkable result of 7.53m in the shot put event. The superb performances of the participants were a fine display of their courage and confidence.

This year, the four houses were themed on different animals, which symbolized harmonious living. This echoed our school motto ‘United in Love’. The trendy costumes, the subtle ornaments and the intricate make-up required much effort and time throughout the month.  During show time, the members of each house performed to their best. House of Praise was rewarded with the Cheering Team Championship, while House of Joy was presented with the Overall Championship.  Yet, the greatest victory should go to all Holy Familians who had shown tremendous enthusiasm and support in the game.

Our honored guest, Miss Fung Tze Wan, was invited to share her experiences of being an athlete.  She has been rowing for years and had impressive results in international competitions.  Loss and failure were common.  The key success to winning was believing in yourself and trusting in your abilities. In her speech, she mentioned that her friends were the motivation which encouraged her to confront difficulties. Being friends, we should show support to one another.

The 4x100m Alumnae Relay marked the end of the day.  However, the finishing line also marked the beginning of another fantastic race. We all look forward to next year’s Athletics’ Meet!

Ruby Kwok (5A)


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