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School Reopening Mass 2014

To celebrate the beginning of another new school year, Holy Familians and all teachers united in prayer and thanksgiving in the School Opening Mass on 15 September, presided over by Rev. Fr. Giovanni.

Focused on the school theme of this year “Appreciate for ALL”, Fr. Giovanni reminded us to always explore the unique beauty in ourselves so as to live in delight and confidence. He also elucidated the lessons from the Analects of Confucius as well as the Tao Te Ching in his inspiring homily. He further elaborated the Analects by stressing how true beauty can touch one’s heart and how one should act in order to live up the true meaning of life.

The Mass ended with the sweet hymn “Bless This Day” followed by the official inauguration of our student leaders. Receiving the badges from Fr. Giovanni, the Principal, and the Vice-Principals, all prefects and student leaders pledged their loyalty and willingness to serve the school and to act as a role model for others. May the Lord grant our student leaders wisdom to discover their uniqueness and opportunities to serve the school using their unique gifts from God.

Sabrina Shek and Zoe Yung (S6A)

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