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School Opening Ceremony 2020-2021

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Welcome back to Holy Family! The new school year unfolded as Holy Familians attended the School Opening Ceremony in the most extraordinary way – online. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Holy Familians got connected online in the Opening Ceremony safe and sound when face-to-face lessons cannot be resumed.

The experience was utterly remarkable since the computer screen was proved not to be a communication barrier. Ms Cheng, our school Principal, teachers and several schoolmates poured their hearts out in the talks and made the ceremony a great success.

The Opening Ceremony commenced with Ms Cheng uncovering the theme of the new school year – “Soaring with Aspirations”. Holy Familians should all strive to achieve their lofty aspirations. Ms Cheng passed on a constructive piece of advice in her talk, which is to enrich and develop our life skills. As Canossian daughters not only should we uphold the core values of Catholic Education including truth, love and justice, but also the Canossian spirit of charity and humanity.

As the Head Girl, I was honoured and pleased to have the opportunity to humbly share my self-management skills during class suspension. “You are the only manager of your life” is truly the gist of my part and I fervently hope that the skills I shared were handy. Our Catholic teacher, Ms Perpetua Lee, then introduced to us St. Madeleine, who we should all modestly learn from. St. Madeleine is the awe-inspiring founder of the Society of the Sacred Heart who devoted her life to serving the needy. She once said, “Those who love are never tired since love knows no burden.” As our loving God shares our burden, we can cheerily spread our wings and soar through God’s kingdom.

The last part of the Opening Ceremony was equally thought-provoking. Victoria Lau, who has just graduated from Holy Family and is now pursuing her studies to become a veterinarian, provided us with more insights into broadening our horizons through extended learning. The reminder to avoid procrastination is indubitably powerful and helpful. The part ended with Katie Law, a S3 student, sharing ways to widen our horizons by taking part in external competitions. We can all experience a miraculous transformation like Katie. All we need are self-motivation and perseverance.

The melodic school song marked the beautiful opening of this special new school year. May God bless all Holy Familians so we can spread our wings to soar with aspirations.


Phoebe Cheung (6D)


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The Convent Chapel in HK
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