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Parents’ Day 2016

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Parents’ Day for S1-S5 on 27 February 2016 marked the end of a school term and the start of a new one. Accompanied by gentle sunshine and warm spring breezes, Holy Familians and their parents met their class teachers and received their report cards. This was not only a day for celebrating the fruits of the first term's hard work, but also a day for reflection, self-evaluation and setting new goals.

In the interviews, we were touched to see the eagerness of our teachers and parents in guiding us to make progress in our studies and whole-person development, in order to make good use of our God-given talents and to attain maturity.

Aside from parent-teacher meetings, the hall exhibition was another highlight of the day. To show appreciation for students’ dedication in the First Term, exemplars of good work were displayed, together with a photo gallery showcasing a wide array of activities that students were delighted to take part in. The Careers and Guidance Team also displayed information regarding the destinations of exit graduates, as well as various programmes and workshops offered to students to better equip them for the future.

On this meaningful occasion, students reignited their fire for learning through reflection. Furthermore, parents’ understanding of our school was enhanced. The efforts of students and the hospitality of the school made a strong impression on parents. May God continue to bless our teachers and students so that we will all reflect His glory!

By Sara Yau (S5B)
Vice chairlady
Students’ Association


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