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Graduation Day 2017 - 2018

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On 30 June 2018, all gathered together in Holy Family for the Graduation Day where our S6 Graduates officially commenced their new page of life, filling the hall with the ambience of pure love, sincere gratitude and genuine hope.

After thanking God for his guidance and expressing our utmost gratefulness to all school staff and parents in the prayer, the ceremony was embellished by a meaningful speech delivered by our Principal, Ms Cara Cheng, in which she gave an overview of the fruitful performance of the school in the past academic year. She also expressed her gratitude towards Sr Theresa and all school staff for their dedication to the school's big step towards STEM education, and her hopefulness in embarking on a new academic year of even more outstanding STEM development in the school.

We were most honoured to have Professor Agnes Ku, Associate Professor of Social Science at the University of Science and Technology, as our guest of honour, to remind us to prepare ourselves for the future with a grateful heart. Echoing with Professor Ku's speech, our Head Girl, Ruby Kwok, stated that we could now embrace future challenges with confidence and courage because our school had provided us with endless learning opportunities. Feeling as though their thoughts had been read out loud, all graduates responded with a big round of applause.

After the admirable performance by the Chinese Dance Team, the ceremony was brought to an end by the joint performance of the School Choir and Orchestra. With the soaring sound of music, genuine blessings from the school, and unconditional love from our teachers and parents, all graduates were once again reminded of the pride and joy of being Holy Familians. Everyone promised to bear in mind the care we received here, and to spread the Holy Family spirit along our future journey. May God bless us with love and guidance in the years to come.


Eunice Lui (6C)


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