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Living in Communion of Hearts

In God's love and blessings, the Famine Lunch was successfully held on 2 April 2014. This year, over 750 Holy Familians participated in this meaningful Lenten activity. On this special day, instead of having a big meal as usual, participants had a bun and a box of drink for lunch. Each participant donated a minimum of twenty dollars and more than twenty thousand dollars were raised as a result. All proceeds were donated to Fu Hong Society (FHS), a non-profit making organization which serves people with intellectual disabilities, psychiatric disabilities and autism.

Miss Chan, a social worker of FHS, began the occasion with a presentation on their services. Then there was a Question-and-Answer Session in which students were invited to share what they thought about people with disabilities. The highlight of the day was a ball game which required all the schoolmates and the special guests from FHS to cooperate with one another. Students had to pass two enormous balls from the front of the hall to the guests standing at the back, who then had to take the balls back to the front. Seeing how actively they were engaged in the game, every schoolmate was impressed. This activity filled the school hall with merriment and excitement indeed. After that, a student was invited to perform a magic show with the guests. Through this simple show, students could see that people with disabilities were also able to do different tasks. Though participants could not enjoy a full meal on that day, they had a feeling of fulfillment and realized the meaning behind this activity. "I will treasure everything I have and be optimistic when facing difficulties," said an S3 student.

The Famine Lunch came to a close with the presentation of prizes. The "Good Samaritan Award" went to S2C for having collected the highest donations, while the "United in Love Award" went to almost all classes for their 100% participation in this programme.

Special gratitude was extended to Mrs Chu for her generous sponsorship as well as the Catholic Society members for their thoughtful and thorough preparation.


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