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Foundress Day 2016-2017

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“All hail O Servant of the Poor, All hail O Fairest Bride of Christ.”

On 5 May 2017, we were delighted to have Sr Agnes Law as our guest speaker for our annual celebration of Foundress Day. Sr Agnes began by encouraging us to learn from our Foundress, who magnified immense perseverance in her care for the needy.  Hearing the cry of orphans and children towards the bleak future in Italy in the late 18th century, our Foundress was determined to enter the convent with a calling to help the miserable ones with her heart and soul.

Through the lyrics of Foundress Song, Sr Agnes inspired us to follow the footsteps of our Foundress – responding to the call of one's vocation to serve the poor.  Instead of selfishly thinking for our own interests, we should extend a helping hand to the neglected and concern about their well-being.  Ultimately, we wish to be “the servant of the poor”, loving our neighbours just as ourselves.

On the other hand, Sr Agnes showed us a video about how youngsters have adopted technology creatively to improve communication between the younger and older generations.  In a similar way, our Foundress had also creatively come up with the best way to serve the needy through establishing a charity organization, the Canossian Daughters of Charity.  This might strike us as extraordinary, but is a good example to show us how God enables our Foundress’ work to bear fruits as long as she dedicated herself to do His work.

Finally, Sr Agnes encouraged us to serve the poorest ones in our society with an open mind and a sincere attitude.  Dear Holy Familians, let us follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ in our daily lives and love one another.  Hopefully, one day, we will be able to spread the Good News to every corner of the world!


Rachel Chui (4D)


The Emblem of the Congregation
The Convent Chapel in HK
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