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Christmas Liturgy and Celebration

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

"Let every heart prepare him room" was the theme of our Christmas Liturgy and Celebration this year. The chilly December morning was warmed by our giving hearts and high spirit. Every corner of the school was filled with joy and praise for welcoming Jesus into our hearts.

The liturgy began with Holy Familians sharing their ways of celebrating Christmas. While some may deem Christmas as a time for entertainment, mingling with friends and exchange of presents, Holy Familians know the true meaning of Christmas lies in the sharing of great joy to welcome the birth of Jesus. It is a time of peace, healing and renewed strength.

The Students' Association took the opportunity to promote their services and products through animated video clips. The Avengers in fight for justice was the theme of their presentation. Their dramatic and creative production captured everyone's attention and rang a bell in our hearts to leave room for Jesus to be our light. We were reminded to welcome Jesus to shine in us. The beautiful dances by our fellow schoolmates, Christmas carols by the School Choir followed by the lovely singing of our teachers brought us closer together in our celebration for the birth of Jesus.

"Mary and Joseph, thank you for bringing Jesus to us! Our dear Lord, help us make room for Jesus to pass on his great love on this festive occasion. Amen."

Alison Yeung (4D) and Chelsea Yeung (5C)



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