Christmas Liturgy and Celebration 2019-2020

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Christmas Liturgy and Celebration 2019-2020

“Jesus Christ, be Our Hope from Darkness” was the theme of the Christmas Liturgy and Celebration this year.  The "darkness" does not only mean the situation of not having light, but also means the hopeless, frightened and disappointed feelings in our hearts.  In fact, people often get lost when they are unable to extricate themselves from difficulties, just like sinking into abysses.  However, Jesus Christ can lead us to escape from darkness and find hopes for our new lives.

This year, the Catholic Society kicked off the Liturgy by an inspirational drama of students arguing how to hold the Christmas party.  During the event, they encountered some difficulties.  Having a common goal, they were able to let go of their prejudice and reconciled eventually.  The drama conveyed the message that difficulties were in no way insurmountable if we trusted Jesus Christ.

Today, in our journey of life, we may fall because of weaknesses, or feel discouraged due to the uncertain situation.  Not knowing where to go, the road ahead is dark.  Let us pray to our Lord with eager anticipation, and ask for his blessing to lead us out of the darkness.

The Students' Association also celebrated this festive event through different performances, which were linked by a drama.  In the drama, two girls went to a manor where numerous treasures and a mysterious lamp were found.  They came across with Santa Claus, who sent them to the world inside the lamp.  The vivid and vibrant dances brought the event to its climax while the barbershop singing performed by the Music Society produced a peaceful atmosphere.  At the end of the adventure, the two girls finally realized that true delight could be discovered by spending time with families and friends.  To celebrate and share the great rejoicing, the SA members distributed candies to the audience.  The programme ended successfully with an exciting lucky draw, echoing the enthusiastic cheers and laughter from our schoolmates.

This year, the mouth-watering candy floss and the scrumptious popcorn sponsored by the PTA were distributed at the covered playground.  Schoolmates also took amazing photos with the props provided in the photobooth co-organized by the SA and the Art Club.

We lastly celebrated this Christmas with our classmates and teachers with delicacies and playful games, making the last school day in 2019 an unforgettable one.  May our Lord lead us as we walk through the ups and downs that lie in our way in 2020.