Christmas Liturgy 2020-2021


Christmas Liturgy 2020-2021

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light. (Isaiah 9:1)” was the theme of the Christmas Liturgy this year. Indeed, in the past year, we were in the dark with no end in sight. We were scared, hesitant and full of doubts. But the Bible reminds us to turn our eyes to Jesus Christ. Jesus once promised us: "I am with you always; yes, to the end of age." (Matthew 28:20). The birth of Jesus was "Emmanuel", which meant "God is with us" and "He is our light”.

This year, the Christmas Liturgy began with the online sharing by Auxiliary Bishop Joseph HA. He told us the birth of Jesus differed from other kings in the world. They only cared about personal enjoyment or fighting for military force and power. On the contrary, Jesus was born to bring strength, light, and true peace to people. Thus, we should follow in Jesus Christ’s footsteps by serving others with care, kindness and compassion.

What came next was the short film created by the Catholic Society. A lamb (a cartoon character designed by Catholic Leaders) was used to link up the whole story. The film emphasized care and mutual assistance between people. Every time we got assistance from others, it was like receiving a light. In the same way, every time we lent a helping hand, it was like igniting the light in our hearts and passing it to others. In addition, the Son of God was born like a tiny light shining in the cold and darkness. We should not be discouraged or disappointed by the unsatisfactory incidents in life. As long as we stood together and remained persistent in the dark, even the slightest light that came from Jesus Christ would bring hope, peace and joy to the world.

The Action Song "Salt and Light" which conveyed the message of love and care was sung actively by Catholic Leaders. The song indicated that Christians were “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:13-14). At the end of the film, teachers also shared their Christmas wishes and blessings, encouraging students to face adversity positively and cherish the joyful Christmas spent with their families.

May our good Lord strengthen our faith and help us to be more willing to extend a helping hand to others. May our Lord lead us as we walk through the ups and downs that lie in our way in 2021.

Olive Wong (5A)