Graduation Day 2019-2020

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From the political movement to the outbreak of Covid-19, the school year 2019-2020 was a particularly trying time for all of us. It was a blessing that all S6 graduates were able to gather together for the Graduation Day, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, on 27th June, 2020 in our school hall. Witnessed by our parents and teachers, the Graduation Ceremony was permeated with joy and love.

The Prayer of the graduates, which expressed our deepest gratitude to God, our parents and our teachers, marked the beginning of the Ceremony. It was followed by the welcome address of our Principal, Ms Cara Cheng, in which she emphasized our yearly theme, ‘Cultivating a Positive Mindset’, especially in a challenging and arduous school year and reminded us to develop a positive outlook on life. She also highlighted how e-learning platforms and tools were widely employed by our school to strengthen students’ ability to implement self-directed learning. Then, she invited all graduates to extend their heartfelt gratitude to teachers and parents for their devotion, guidance and support throughout the secondary education.

We were most honoured to have Dr. Gida Wong, a specialist in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and one of our alumnae, as our guest of honour, to deliver a thought-provoking and encouraging speech about dealing with difficult times with hope and faith. In the vote of thanks that followed, our Head Girl, Gigi Cheng, recalled how our caring teachers comforted and encouraged us before our public examination although our school life in this pink castle was halted abruptly due to the pandemic and school suspension. Never can we blossom or flourish into who we are today without all the sacrifices made, all the knowledge imparted and all the guidance given by our teachers throughout the years.

‘Holy Family, we are proud of you!’ The ceremony was rounded off with the school song. All graduates sang boldly and loudly, promising to live up to the Holy Family Spirit in the years to come. May God’s blessings be always upon our Alma Mater and upon each one of us.

Victoria Lau (6A)