School Opening Ceremony 2019-2020


Setting a New Academic Year in Motion with a Positive Mindset

Another new and vibrant scholastic year unfolded as spirited Holy Familians gathered together in their pink uniforms after a long summer break. United in God’s love, we attended the School Opening Ceremony in the school hall with a grateful heart. We know so well that a grateful heart is the beginning of greatness and an expression of humility, a quality that we pledge to develop as daughters of the Canossian family.

The Opening Ceremony began with a thought-provoking speech by Ms Cara Cheng, our principal. This year’s theme ‘Cultivating a Positive Mindset’ was introduced and expounded. Holy Familians were galvanized to look on the optimistic side of life and to develop a positive vision. We held our heads up as we conjured up a world filled with positivity and understood the real power of optimism.

Everyone was delighted to express their warmest welcome to the S1 schoolmates and new teachers into our big family. Our Head Girl Core Group members and the social workers inspired schoolmates with three effective ways to cultivate a positive mindset, which may spark extraordinary results and do wonders. Their sharing ended with words of encouragement – even though we may feel distressed at times, it is important to have faith in God and be hopeful.

In this new academic year, let’s embrace the magic of positivity and thank our dear Lord for granting us courage and wisdom to overcome the challenges ahead.


Victoria Lau (6A)