School Opening Ceremony 2021-2022




School Opening Ceremony

After experiencing a school opening ceremony online in 2020, every Holy Familian knows why it is gold to be able to attend school and gather together for the Opening Ceremony on 1 September 2021. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, all Holy Familians joyously greeted teachers and schoolmates with grateful hearts. As the new school year unrolls, we hope for the best and strive to turn predicaments into possibilities.

The School Opening Ceremony commenced with our prayers to God, which conveyed our deep-rooted gratefulness. The uplifting and impassioned welcoming speech by Ms Cara Cheng, our dearest Principal, drew thunderous rounds of applause. We learned that the theme of this school year is ‘Treasuring our Life, Lifting Up our Mind’. Holy Familians will surely fill their lives with vitality and positivity, as well as overcome obstacles with resilience, faith and hope. Ms Cheng also enlightened us by introducing the educational theme for 2021 - 2024, which is ‘Living in Gratitude, Thanksgiving in Blossom’. Gratefulness is a gift from God. It is a miraculous potion that can help keep us grounded and contented in times of uncertainty.

We were blessed to have schoolmates sharing how they put the year theme into practice. Hilda Lee, our Head Girl, shared important things to treasure in life, as well as ways to lift up our minds together with Sophie Au Yeung and Anna Wong, members of the Head Girl Core Group. Practical tips like embracing life with optimism, unleashing potential, and taking courage to raise limits were given. Olive Lau and Zoe Law, Chairlady and Vice-Chairlady of the Media Team, shared their insights from a prize-winning experience in a video-making competition notwithstanding social distancing measures amidst the pandemic. Before they ended the sharing, all the Head Girl Core Group members spread their warmest encouragement to fellow schoolmates, which left the hall brimmed with peace, joy and love.

The Opening Ceremony concluded with Holy Familians singing the school song in unison. May the coming school year be showered with God’s blessings, and be filled with positivity and enthusiasm.


Hilda Lee (6A)