Opening Mass 2019-2020


Opening Mass

To celebrate the commencement of the new academic year, the School Opening Mass was held on 13 September 2019. Holy Familians and all teachers were united in prayers in the Thanksgiving Mass presided by Rev. Joseph Chan.

In the light of one of the Ten Commandments "you shall not kill", Fr Joseph renewed our understanding that this commandment does not only apply to refer to physical killing others, but also hurting others spiritually. Therefore, if we insult our enemy, we will also affront our Lord at the same time. It is wrong for us to take revenge on others.

Actually, our dear Lord is righteous and full of love. He gives us everything just like God raises the sun, illuminates the wicked and shines upon the righteous. Nonetheless, Father Joseph believes that no one has never done anything wrong. We should learn from the mistakes we have made and try to review the incident and reflect on ourselves for self-improvement.

Let us learn from our Lord to forgive others with a humble heart. At the same time, we should also cultivate a positive mindset and appreciate others’ virtues. Then our potential could be infinitely developed and our life would be filled with peace and love.

The official inauguration of student leaders was held after the Opening Mass. Receiving the badges from our School Supervisor, Sr Theresa Chun, Principal, Ms Cara Cheng, and Vice-Principal, Mr Ivan Tam, all perfects and students leaders pledged their loyalty and willingness to serve the school and to act as a role model for others. May the Lord grant our student leaders wisdom to discover their uniqueness and opportunities to serve the school using their unique gifts from God.


Deecery Wong (5A)