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Graduation Day 2023

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Our graduation ceremony, which we had eagerly waited for, was a day filled with a plethora of emotions of joy, gratitude and melancholy.  As we took our seats in the hall, my peers and I realized this was our last official ceremony in our pink castle, which had been our second home for the last six years.  Under the guidance of our respectable teachers, we were eventually stepping into another phase of our youth, with new challenges and surprises ahead of us.


The ceremony started with a beautiful prayer thanking our Lord for His abundant blessings throughout our journey of education.  What followed next was the welcome speech by our school Principal, Ms Cheng, in which she highlighted that cultivating a positive mindset is of paramount importance throughout our life.  She earnestly reminded us to always stay united in love and show gratitude at every step of our lives, echoing our school theme “Embracing Love Exhibiting Gratefulness”.


It was a privilege to receive our certificates from our Guest of Honor, Dr Selina Lee, an obstetrician at Princess Margaret Hospital and one of our alumnae.  Dr Lee expounded on the qualities we ought to possess to pursue our dreams.  She shared with us how we should be passionate about our goals and not be afraid of making mistakes.  Dr Lee also shared with us her experiences on how she persevered in times of adversity and the importance of gratitude and friendship in one’s life.  May we always cherish our relationships with our family and teachers, but most importantly, our friends whom we have met in this huge loving family.


The occasion came to a formal close in a festive mood with graceful performance from the Chinese Dance Team, as well as stunning music collaboratively presented by the School Choir and the School Orchestra. Though we are leaving our big family, we will always remember the unconditional love and support from our parents, teachers and school staff.  We will continue to uphold the values inculcated in us in the years to come.


Tammy Chow (6A)


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