Thursday 18 July 2024


Foundress Day

On 8 May 2024, we successfully held the Foundress Day celebration under the sincere blessing of our Heavenly Father in the school playground to commemorate our Foundress, St. Magdalene of Canossa.  She dedicated her life to God and resolutely gave up her noble life to help the poor.  Thus, her selfless contribution truly serves as a role model for us.


The highlight of the Foundress Day was the Inter-class competition organized by the Catholic Society, which was divided into three parts: Three-legged race, Scavenger Hunt and secret missions for each form.  Not only did the Three-legged race challenge students’ physical coordination, but it also provided a glimpse into the pain and struggle that St. Magdalene experienced during her childhood.  As pupils worked together in pairs, they learned the importance of teamwork and supporting one another in the difficult path of life.


After the exhilarating race, the Scavenger Hunt sparked adventure and enthusiasm as students eagerly searched for specific items, gathering them from fellow students and teachers.  The successful collection of items was met with cheerful applause from the audience.  This activity served as a reminder of St. Magdalene's dedication to helping those in need from diverse backgrounds, encouraging students to develop empathy and understanding for the needy.


For the secret missions, students engaged in activities such as the "Chinese Whisper of Bible Quotes," "Finding the Bible," and "Delivering The Ball."  These missions allowed students to actively participate and experience the actions performed by St. Magdalene to spread love and express love for God.  Through these interactive challenges, students deepened their understanding of St. Magdalene's teachings and were inspired to incorporate her values into their own lives.


Our Foundress once said, “Love is the fire that embraces everything.”  We must have one heart and one will, loving each other sincerely without any distinctions.  May the Lord continue to unite all siblings in the Canossian Daughters of Charity and instil the spirit of our Foundress in the hearts of all Holy Familians.

Monica Siu (4A)