Monday 11 December 2023


HFCC 50th Anniversary Open Days

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This year marks the 50th Anniversary of our beloved school. With love and unity, we celebrated this once-in-a-life-time event with immense happiness and gratefulness. Holy Family Canossian College was established on 26 September, 1972. At that time, our school only had 13 teachers and approximately 400 students. Under the guidance of our dear Lord, we are now having total of 24 classes with around 620 students, 54 teaching staff and 22 non-teaching staff. 


The Kick-off Ceremony of the Open Days began with a Lighting Ceremony officiated by our Guests of Honour, Rev Paul Kam and Sr Virginia Wong. It was followed by a Torch Ceremony, which was particularly impressive, as we witnessed a torch being passed from our alumna to our student leaders, signifying that the spirit of love and humility, rooted in every Holy Familian, would be carried on in each generation of Holy Familians. All guests, parents, teachers and students watched a video of our school’s history and development, through which they found the effort, commitment and perseverance in these 50 years of blessed journey awe-inspiring. The Kick-off Ceremony was concluded by a Blessing Ceremony of the newly-established IT Innovation Lab performed by our Guests of Honour, which signified that our school has entered a new era of welcoming the latest educational trend in developing STEM and IT education. 


During the two-day Open Day, our classrooms became heavily decorated as game stalls, offering a range of unique, creative and technology-based games designed by our teachers and students. It was a delight to see teachers and student ambassadors welcoming our guests with a wide smile on their faces, building an atmosphere of love and care in this pink castle, putting our school theme ‘United in Love’ and yearly theme ‘Embracing Love, Exhibiting Gratefulness’ into action. 


With God’s love, care and grace, our school will continue to uphold the Canossian mission, being part of the Daughters of Charity, and the Servants of the Poor. ‘Holy Family Golden Jubilee, with Joy We Uphold and Celebrate Our Legacy’. Let us pray to our dear Lord for granting us joy, peace, praise and harmony, so that we can carry on the spirit of love and unity. May our school continue to offer various programmes to students, and shine for many more 50 years to come. May God bless you all. 


Katie Law (5B)