Wednesday 19 June 2024


Christmas Liturgy and Christmas Celebration (2023-2024)

With the blessings of our Heavenly Father, the Christmas Liturgy and Christmas Celebration of this year was successfully held on 20 December 2023.  A Christmas drama “Where is Jesus?” was proudly presented by the Catholic Society members, featuring the three Magi who are from the east on their journey to Bethlehem to visit Jesus.  However, they discovered that Jesus was missing.  Through finding Jesus, they realized that, instead of him being physically missing, he was just disappearing gradually from our hearts.  This story led us deep reflection about our relationship with Jesus – is Jesus still alive in our hearts?  Christmas is not only a day for us to have fun; it is a time for us to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is hoped that schoolmates would reflect on the meaning of Christmas during this festive season, along with all the celebratory events.


The Student Association (SA) programme was kicked off by a drama inspired by the newly opened “World of Frozen” in Disneyland, with the theme “to bring back winter to the kingdom of Arendelle”.  The story began with Olaf beginning to melt on the beach, while Elsa lost her magic as the Oaken had stolen her magic and the winter of Arendelle!  However, the citizens of Arendelle, who were the Internal Talent Quest finalists, with their wonderful performances, emanated a magical effect that helped Elsa, Anna and Olaf to reach Regal Oaks Manor, Oaken’s Palace.  The audience was awe-inspired by the musical talents displayed by the contestants and the performers.  Eventually, the characters from Frozen successfully found their way out and brought winter back to Arendelle from a box.  The programme finally ended with a lucky draw along with an atmosphere filled with exhilaration and enjoyment.  All SA excos, sub-committee members are genuinely grateful for the programme’s great success, and all of us hope this can mark a perfect end for all Holy Familians’ day of school in 2023. 


Monica Siu (4A) and Tiffany Wong (5A)