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Mainland Study Tour 2022-2023

Under the blessing of our Heavenly Father, the S5 Citizenship and Social Development (CS) Mainland Study Tour was successfully held on 5 May 2023.


With exhilaration, our S5 students and teachers set off at 7:30 am, taking the high-speed railway to Futian. Students and teachers were unanimously awed by the convenience of the high-speed railway and experienced first-hand our country’s advancement in infrastructure and technology.


Our understanding of our motherland’s technological development was further enhanced through our visit to the National Innovation Centre for Advanced Medical Devices, followed by the comfortable high-speed railway ride. The Centre exhibited state-of-the-art medical appliances, including the world’s first 5.0T MIR machine and microsurgical robots.  Coupled with the guide’s clear explanation, our understanding about the progression of medical development in China was enriched.  The effort in developing locally-produced medical appliances to provide affordable medical care was truly inspirational.


When it comes to education, hands-on experiments are as indispensable as theory-learning.  The Science Museum of the Red Cube of Shenzhen had been an optimal space for us to learn about science theories through enthralling and provocative experiments.  After a scrumptious lunch, we zealously engaged in scientific experiments related to a myriad of topics, such as space exploration, natural sciences and robotics.  These were such impressive topics that our exclamations of astonishment filled the museum.  The interactive learning environment had elicited in us an elevated appreciation for the quality education in China, which delivers convoluted knowledge through riveting means.


Our study tour concluded with the visit to the Dongjiang Zongdui Memorial Hall.  This Memorial Hall detailed the history and accounts of the Dongjiang Column, which, with extraordinary valour and unrelenting spirits, resisted Japanese invasion during the War of Resistance against Japan.  We felt a sense of pride as we acknowledged the Column’s perseverance and gallantry despite arduous circumstances.  Seeing national security being jeopardised and its subsequent harrowing consequences on nationals’ lives during the War, we recognised the paramount importance of land and military security for our motherland. Simultaneously, we identified in ourselves the responsibility to protect the security of our country, a place that has been safeguarded by our predecessors with blood and tears.


The study tour, albeit short, was productive and fulfilling.  With enhanced knowledge on our country’s multifaceted development and fortified national identities, we all went back home with a full heart.  We thank once again our dear Lord for granting us such an invaluable opportunity to learn about our country in a new and profound way.

Angie Shing (5B)


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