Sunday 26 May 2024


Opening Mass and Student Leaders Installation Ceremony

With the blessings of our Heavenly Father, the Opening Mass of the new academic year was successfully held on 16 September 2022 in the School Hall and was shown to all classes via live streaming.  We were honoured to have Father Philip Chan to preside over the Mass and to bless our school in the new school year.


In his homily, Father Chan reviewed that day’s gospel about the story of Mary Magdalene. He compared what happened to Mary Magdalene when she was possessed twice to us being tempted by evils in our everyday lives.  He warned us that if there is no good support inside of us, we can easily be tempted again and again no matter how much our parents and teachers try to guide us back to the right track.  To strengthen our soul, Father Chan preached that we need to grow our virtues by keeping our kindness and practising good deeds to everyone around us.


Father Chan also underscored the importance of gratitude and love which correspond to our school yearly theme ‘Embracing Love   Exhibiting Gratefulness’.  He encouraged us to be humble so that we can truly appreciate God and others for giving everything to us.  When we are more aware of our smallness and limitations, we can centre our lives on God and improve in response to God's call.  May the Holy Spirit pour out his gifts upon us so that we may grow in the virtues of love and wisdom.


The official inauguration of student leaders was held on the same day.  All perfects and student leaders pledged their loyalty and willingness to serve the school and to act as a role model for others.  May our dear Lord grant them wisdom to discover their uniqueness and opportunities to serve the school using their unique gifts from God.


Nicole Chan (5B)