Thursday 18 July 2024


Opening Mass and Installation Ceremony of Student Leaders

Under the blessings of Our Heavenly Father, our Opening Mass and Installation Ceremony of Student Leaders were successfully held on September 15 2023, with all of our schoolmates gathering together in the school hall.  We were honored to have Father Philip Chan, who always cares for and looks after the growth of our faith through leading our celebration of the masses, as our celebrant.


In his sermons, Father Chan shared an inspiring deed that happened at his school.  It was about an old lady who selflessly helped sweep the floor of the playground voluntarily after the strong typhoon.  From his sharing, Father Chan told us that we should learn from this old lady to offer help whenever it was within our ability instead of just doing the things that we were assigned.


In addition, Father Chan mentioned that Our Lady of Sorrows is our role model.  She "stood by” the cross when Jesus was crucified. In this example, he suggested that a Holy Familian should be ready to offer a helping hand to others in need, but not only fulfilling her own responsibilities.  At last, he urged us to be self-disciplined students as self-mastery is the key to success.


With our school's yearly theme "Humbling Ourselves Appreciating Others", let us put Father Chan’s teaching into practice – reflect on ourselves, learn from others and appreciate others in this new chapter of our school life.


The official Installation Ceremony of Student Leaders was held on the same day.  All student leaders pledged in front of the school of their honesty and commitment to accomplish their duties.  May our dear Lord lead us away from temptations and shower us with talents to serve the school.

Natalie Poon (5B)