Thursday 18 July 2024


S6 Thanksgiving Mass

With the blessing of our heavenly father, the S6 Thanksgiving Mass was successfully held on 23 February 2024 at the School Hall.  We were honoured to have Father Philip Chan to preside over the Mass, blessing our S6 schoolmates with courage and strength as they said their farewell to regular school days in HFCC and will face their public exams soon.


In his homily, Father Chan underscored the importance of obeying one of The Ten Commandments “You must not murder”, preaching to all our students to respect the inherent value of every individual.  This serves as a moral guideline for us to promote peace and compassion.


“S6 students are not only blessed by me, but also all students of this school.  All of you are a family,” Father Chan reminded us. Father Chan also highlighted our school's yearly theme, “Humbling Ourselves, Appreciating Others”.  He exhorted us to always stay humble and treasure what we have.  Last but not least, Father Chan blessed all our schoolmates that we will be having knowledge, strength and ability to forgive those we may feel angry with.  Our Principal, Ms Cheng, also sent the school’s blessing to the S6 girls by handing them a holy medal with a young girl crossing a dangerous bridge, which represents that no matter how formidable the challenge may be, their guardian angels are always on their side.


In closing, we pray our all S6 students receive unique blessings from our dear Lord, who will give them strength and perseverance to conquer every ordeal that they may face in life.

Monica Siu  (4A)