Sunday 26 May 2024


School Opening Ceremony 2022-2023

Iron your uniform, do your ponytail and pack your school bag – it’s the start of another vibrant school year! To all who share kinship with Holy Family – year 2022 is exceptional. Founded in 1972, our school is gratefully and joyously celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year. Led by Sr Magdalene Shiu, our new School Supervisor, all Holy Familians put their hearts and souls into singing the school song together in the School Opening Ceremony. Notwithstanding the social distancing measures amidst the pandemic, Holy Familians’ hearts were as one as they joyously and enthusiastically greeted teachers and schoolmates with beaming smiles.


The theme of the school year is ‘Embracing Love, Exhibiting Gratefulness’. Holy Familians were enlightened by Ms Cheng, our dearest Principal’s uplifting and impassioned welcoming speech. With our gratitude deeply rooted in love, we offered our prayers to express our thankfulness. Gratefulness is truly a precious gift from God. It is a miraculous potion that infuses us with hope and positivity in times of uncertainty. With gratefulness – the fairest blossom which springs from the soul, Holy Familians will surely fill their lives with vitality and optimism, as well as overcome obstacles with resilience, faith and hope.


Another highlight of the School Opening Ceremony was students’ sharing on how they put words into action. Ella Chen, our Head Girl, shared ways to exhibit gratefulness in our daily life, together with other members of the Head Girl Core Group. From their sharing, schoolmates learned to love without asking for returns and always count their blessings. Amorettte Chung and Angel Woo from S3 zestfully shared their insights on how to embrace different opinion and show respect to others, from their award-winning experience of preparation for an art competition.


Ushering in a new chapter, the school will continue to be showered with God’s blessing, and shine with eternal ebullience.


Ella Chen (6A)