Wednesday 19 June 2024


Our Alumna - Juanita Mok
Hong Kong Wushu Athlete

Juanita Mok (莫宛螢) is one of our alumnae and received her secondary education at Holy Family Canossian College.  She graduated from Holy Family in 2013.  She is a keen and positive learner who always strives for excellence.  She is a professional wushu athlete and is one of the youngest female wushu athletes who represents Hong Kong internationally.  Being a lifelong learner, she has not ceased to learn and pursued her studies at Beijing Sports University.


Juanita never heard of wushu until the age of 8, when her father enrolled her in a wushu summer course.  She first attended the course dejectedly as most wushu learners were boys.  Defying the odds, her passion for wushu slowly budded.  Akin to many other accomplished athletes, Juanita’s journey to success is paved with potholes of challenges and apprehension.  Her dogged perseverance and blazing passion for the sports are vehicles which have driven her through the expedition to success.


Juanita’s first major victory came in 2010, when she won two gold medals in the World Junior Wushu Championships.  Displaying immense prowess and the perfect combination of yin and yang, she bagged three gold medals in the Asian Junior Wushu Championships in 2013.  2017 and 2018 were years of harvest as she clinched a Bronze medal in the 2017 Summer Universiade and became the Gold medalists of two events in the 7th World Kungfu Championship.  Juanita showed her skills off to the world and raised eyebrows within the wushu fraternity.  In addition, she won silver medals in women's taijiquan at the 2018 Asian Games and in taijijian at the 2019 World Wushu Championships.


In Asian Games 2023, Juanita was honoured to be chosen to lead the city’s delegation into Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium and would carry the Hong Kong flag at the opening ceremony.  May she do the best in the Asian Games 2023 and advance boldly ahead into her next glorious chapter.  Juanita, we, as Holy Familians, all support you!