Sunday 26 May 2024


Athletics Meet 2023

With the captains and members of the four houses marching into the Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground, the Annual Athletics Meet was kicked off on 30th November 2023.  It has been a couple of years since we last had our regular full-day Athletics Meet, and all school members were looking forward to it.


With the cheers of the four houses, Holy Familians showed their talents and potentials in track and fields, demonstrating their passion for sports, virtuosic sportsmanship, and enthusiasm of striving for excellence.


This year, the theme of the four Houses was “flowers”.  The four houses chose flowers symbolising enthusiasm, love, perseverance, and happiness.  The stunning costumes and ornaments, together with their glamorous makeup showcased the good efforts of every House member.  During the show time, all Houses showed their best cheering to the athletes.  House of Joy received the Cheering Team Championship, while House of Harmony was presented with the Overall Championship.  Yet, the greatest victory should go to all Holy Familians, who have shown wholehearted support and participation in the event.


This year, we were happy to have Ms Juanita Mok, a professional wushu athlete and our alumna, as our guest of honour.  Her achievements include winning silver medals in the Women’s taijiquan and taijijian All-Round at the 2018 Asian Games, as well as in taijijian at the 2019 World Wushu Championships.  In her speech, Ms Mok mentioned that an athlete’s attitude could help overcome barriers, and failure is not something that we need to be afraid of.  Instead, we should learn from it and consider how to improve, so that we could succeed in the future.


The highlight of the Athletics Meet was undoubtedly the 4×100m Teacher-Student Relay.  Teachers and schoolmates forming eight teams to compete in the event has resonated with our school motto, “United in Love”.  The cheers, the smiles, and the camaraderie in the event have left an indelible mark in our minds.  We all look forward to seeing the athletes striving for their best, and shining in the Athletics Meet next year!


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