Sunday 26 May 2024


Caritas Bazaar

Under the blessing of our loving Father, Holy Familians welcomed the return of the Caritas Charity Bazaar after a 3-year pandemic hiatus.  With the avid participation of our students and teachers, the 2023 Caritas Charity Bazaar was successfully held on 12 November 2023 at Cheung Sha Wan Playground.  Following the yearly tradition, our school set up a booth with games and a charity sale to help with fundraising and evangelization. 


On the long-awaited charitable day, students and teachers worked as one, passionately mesmerizing visitors from all walks of life.  From the meticulously handmade crafts to the heart-warming encouragements and support given to children participating in the games, Holy Familians showcased their humility, warmth and kindness.  Running the bazaar was a precious opportunity for Holy Familians to interact with people in the community, which helped build their empathy and interpersonal skills.


The meaningful event also helped forge bonds between volunteers.  Everyone was dedicated and supported each other wholeheartedly.  Their commitment to the cause was transformed into kind words of encouragement, infusing the bazaar with a sense of purpose and solidarity.  The team was over the moon when a large sum of money was successfully raised.  This is testimony to their hard work – as we are united in love with a common goal, incredible things can be achieved. 


The Caritas Bazaar is truly an enlightening and heart-warming experience for all the volunteers.  It serves as a potent reminder of the profound impact that we can have with the spirit of giving and the power of compassion.  We are genuinely grateful to be a part of this event, and all of us have been inspired to carry forward the spirit of giving and empathy that permeated the bazaar into our everyday life. 

Natalie Poon (5B)