Sunday 26 May 2024


Graduation Day 2021-2022

Under the loving kindness of God, the Graduation Ceremony was successfully held on 25 June 2022. Significantly marking the end of our secondary school education, we S6 graduates gathered together in this blissful occasion to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.


The ceremony started off with the Opening Prayer by our graduates in which we expressed our sincere gratitude to God, our teachers and parents. We thanked God for granting us unconditional strength and hope in dealing with obstacles and challenges. What followed was the welcome speech by our Principal, Ms Cara Cheng, in which she expounded on the yearly theme ’Treasuring our life, Lifting Up our Mind’. Ms Cheng reminded us to be persistent under any circumstances. She specifically acknowledged the dedication of the teaching staff for providing us a comprehensive and harmonious learning environment to cultivate our talents and nurture us into caring individuals.


We were honored to have our Guest of Honour, Ms Karen Leung, the Principal of Karen Leung Dancing Academy and one of our alumnae. She gave us an inspiring speech about finding our passion and shared with us how she pursued her dreams. She highlighted the importance of being enthusiastic towards our goals, which could help us to unleash our potential and guide us to strive for success. In the Vote of Thanks that followed, our Head Girl, Hilda Lee, appreciated our school for giving us ample opportunities to develop in diverse aspects and instill in us qualities of perseverance and humility. She also encouraged us Holy Familians to be determined and confident to overcome challenges in our journey ahead.


The ceremony came to a formal close with the singing of the school song by our graduates. Though we shall be leaving Holy Family soon, our school motto, ‘United in Love’, will always be engraved on our hearts and will guide us in building the future with peace, faith and serenity. May God always shower His blessings upon our Alma Mater and each and every one of us.