Wednesday 19 June 2024


Teachers’ Day

Teachers are the beating heart of education.  At Holy Family, our teachers master the supreme art to awake joy in creative expression and knowledge.  Holy Familians are enthralled by their beloved teachers’ transformative power as they educate every one of us wholeheartedly.  How can we not be grateful for all the love, care and dedication that our teachers put into teaching us?  On 6 February 2024, Holy Familians put their hearts and souls into showcasing their thankfulness and appreciation for teachers on the Teachers’ Day. 


The theme of this year’s Teachers’ Day was the Oscar.  Holy Familians were high-spirited as S6 students sent messages of love and adoration to their teachers in their ‘award-winning’ videos.  Students in other levels also expressed their appreciation and gratefulness for their teachers’ passionate teaching by staging performances as well as giving out thank you cards and handmade handicrafts.  Our beloved Principal and teachers, you are all stars in the Oscar, and thanks for transforming us into little luminous stars!


This year’s Teachers’ Day was particularly memorable since a number of teacher-student activities were specially arranged.  Teachers and students shared the joy in welcoming another prosperous year of the Dragon by taking selfies in front of the decorations and backdrops in the tuck shop area.  Some had a taste of traditional Chinese paper cutting too. 


The highlight of the day was surely the teacher-student basketball match.  Teams of the four Houses comprising both teachers and students mesmerized the spectators with their agility.  Long basketball shooting was quite a feat!  To add to the elation, teachers and students savoured soft serve ice cream and drumsticks from the Mobile Softee that got its way into the school campus.


What a day laden with cheers, laughter and ovation – happy Teachers’ Day our beloved teachers!


Jessica Chu (5B)