Thursday 18 July 2024


Values Education Day

Reflecting on the Value Education Day held on 6 October, it irrefutably left an enduring mark for our Holy Familians, creating a surely indelible experience.  With the aim of helping students cultivate a positive mindset towards life, two sessions of activities were conducted, including sports-related activities and block building.


The Value Education Day was kicked off by some unique sports activities.  Activities like Mölkky, Archery Tag, Bean Bag Fights and Yukigassen were organised to engage students and promote the values of accepting failure, as well as the unpredictable reality.  There might be teams that failed to achieve a championship.  Throughout the game, we learned to accept the randomness of reality and learn from mistakes.  The coach reminded us that many challenges would be faced by us in the future.  Some might go smoothly and successfully, while some might be completely upside down.  Without a doubt, it could be unequivocally stated that this particular element was crucial and indispensable in our relentless pursuit and ultimate realisation of our goals.  The sports activities were utterly inspiring in creating positive attitudes in life.


This meaningful day came to the second session, understanding ourselves through block building.  All of our students were given six blocks with different colours, red for perseverance, orange for confidence, yellow for resilience, green for gratitude, blue for unity and dark blue for humbleness.  Holy Familians were presented with a remarkable opportunity to delve deeper into self-exploration, facilitating a profound understanding and awareness of our own inner selves through games.  Moreover, we worked as a unit of classes to complete tasks, inspiring us that unity and teamwork were of utmost importance.  A highlight went to the part when each class had to use all the blocks they had to build a castle representing themselves.  Fabulous creations were made with a passionate delivery of their art piece as the finishing touch.  All the six characters were fully expressed through this activity.


Ultimately, Value Education Day did not only bestow upon us a splendid occasion to unwind and detach ourselves from the school schedule, but also served as a nurturing platform where we were imbued with invaluable positive values that would shape our character and guide us on the path of personal growth and development.  It is of high belief that our Holy Familians will thrive and shine brilliantly, ensuring a fruitful and remarkable school life ahead.  May our Lord continue to guide and bless our school.

Macey Au Yeung (6A)


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