Morning Assembly


Date Shared by Scripts
2019/06/19 Ms Tiffany Ng Scripts
2019/05/24 Miss Joyce Tung Scripts
2019/05/22 Representatives of class 1D Scripts
2019/05/17 Miss Mandy Leung Scripts
2019/05/14 Representatives of SA Scripts
2019/05/10 Miss Jenny Shu Scripts
2019/05/06 Representatives of Educational Trip to Budapest and Prague Scripts
2019/05/03 Ms Christine Leung Scripts
2019/04/29 Representatives of Careers Prefects Scripts
2019/04/12 Miss Ricky Law Scripts
2019/03/22 Ms Candice Ng Scripts
2019/03/15 Ms Hilda Tam Scripts
2019/03/11 Representatives of class 4A Scripts
2019/02/22 Miss Fanny Ng Scripts
2019/02/20 Representatives of class 5D Scripts
2019/01/30 Representatives of class 5C Scripts
2019/01/23 Representatives of class 5B Scripts
2019/01/18 Mrs Margaret Liang Scripts
2018/12/14 Mr Kevin Wong Scripts
2018/12/07 Miss Tiffany Tse Scripts
2018/11/28 Representatives of class 2A Scripts
2018/11/16 Miss Virginia Lam Scripts
2018/11/14 Representatives of class 4C Scripts
2018/11/09 Miss Nancy Liu Scripts
2018/11/07 Representatives of class 4B Scripts
2018/10/15 Representatives of the Moral and National Education Team Scripts
2018/10/12 Miss Sandy Liu Scripts
2018/10/10 Representatives of class 6D Scripts
2018/10/02 Head Girl 6D Rachel Chui Scripts
2018/09/26 Representatives of class 6B Scripts


2018 - 2019 Morning Assembly
2017 - 2018 Morning Assembly
2016 - 2017 Morning Assembly


The sharings are prepared by teachers, student representatives from classes and service groups.